When are your services

  • Sundays at 10:45 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. Also, Adult Bible Fellowship groups and graded classes for children of all ages and teens before the morning service at 9:30 a.m.  On Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., we offer a full range of activities and groups for children, teens, and adults.

Where are you located

What should I expect when I arrive, and what is your church service like? 

  • When you arrive, you may park in any area of the parking lots.  In our Main Foyer, you will be greeted at our Welcome Center; friendly people are there to help you find where to go to the main auditorium, classrooms, and nursery/children’s wing.  About our morning service; although we take worshiping God seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We desire to be a welcoming, friendly group of people that will let you enjoy our service at your own level of comfort; no expectations from you – no need to give money when we take an offering, and you will not be singled out by having “visitors stand up” or other embarrassing moments! Our service consists of 2 main elements: energetic singing/worship and teaching from God’s Word.  The service lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and our guests most often give us positive feedback after their first experience.

What should I wear

  • There is no formal dress code at MBC; for men, you will see anything from a suit and tie to jeans and a t-shirt; ladies attire ranges from dresses to skirts, pants, and jeans.  We believe that God cares more about what is in our hearts than how we dress on the outside (1 Samuel 16:7).  Feel free to dress comfortably; whatever you choose to wear, you will be warmly welcomed.

What about my children/teens

  • MBC has great programming for children during each of our services.  We have clean, equipped nursery & children’s facilities, plus trained adults who consider it a real privilege to teach and minister to your children.  Teens will feel welcome in our morning service with the adults, plus there are teen classes before the morning service and on Wednesday nights to minister to them.

What about your history

  • Rev. Davis Dimock, pastor of Braintrim Baptist Church, was led to visit a settlement near Forkston in 1805. There he found a people, though ignorant of Christianity, yet receptive to the message of salvation by grace. The Spirit of God began to work in people’s hearts. Various preachers continued to minister to these fellowships until November 1819, when the believers at the mouth of Mehoopany Creek constituted into an independent church and called Brother Solomon Dimock to become their first pastor. Pastor Dimock had a good ministry for 9 years with many people added to the church. During this time the church changed its name from Mehoopany to Windham Baptist Church. In 1822 there were 131 members making it the largest church in the Bridgewater Association. In 1823 the congregation sent out a group of 13 to establish the Eaton Baptist Church.  Up to 1830 the church worshipped in a log school house. In July 1834 a meeting house was completed at the cost of $3000. In 1850 the name issue was settled. Windham would from now on be called Mehoopany Baptist Church and Mehoopany would be called Forkston Baptist Church. In 1867 a new church building on Jayne’s Bend was dedicated. In 1892 a parsonage was secured which later became Hartley’s Dairy Bar.  In 1929, Mehoopany Baptist Church was at a very low ebb spiritually and financially. Only 8 people were attending and it seemed certain that church was doomed to close its doors, but prayers were answered when the congregation called Rev. Floyd Hendershot. The work was greatly strengthened under his godly leadership of 15 years.  Sometime in the 1930s the old Forkston Baptist Church building was given to Mehoopany Baptist. It was subsequently torn down and the material was salvaged to make improvements on the church and parsonage, and the remainder of the material was sold. In 1968 the congregation purchased the old Presbyterian church building and parsonage at the South end of town. In 1976 the church built a new Sunday School facility behind the church which is the Youth Center today. In 1982 the congregation called Ralph Nevin as pastor. Pastor Nevin led the church to a greater outreach and all-time high attendances over his 17 year ministry. He resigned in 1999.  On June 16, 1991 the congregation dedicated the new church auditorium and Sunday School wing. This was phase one of a 3 phase plan. Shortly after that the old church building was torn down.  On November 20, 2004 the congregation completed phase two and dedicated the new Gym and Fellowship Hall under the leadership of Pastor Joe Billingsley.  Pastor Billingsley retired in November, 2017, and the church called  Dr. Lee Kliewer to be its current pastor; he began his ministry here at MBC in June, 2018.  God has been good to this church in the heart of the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. For 200 years the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been proclaimed along this stretch of the Mehoopany Creek. It is our desire, as it has been for the former generations, that MBC continue to be a place where there is a warm, loving, family atmosphere, Christ-centered Bible preaching, a strong missions emphasis, and inspiring worship.